Sample Psychology Essay Paper on PTSD in Military Servicemen

PTSD is a condition with set symptoms that results from experiencing stressful and traumatic experiences. Post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury have been associated with an increase in misconduct among service members of the Department of Defense. It is recommended that the DOD address misconduct in the navy, armed forces, and air force by screening members who are separated for misconduct to assess whether they suffer from PTSD.

Some of the potential ethical issues associated with the process of diagnosis of PTSD include the timeliness of diagnosis. In the case where PTSD is diagnosed early, it can be treated in a timely manner through behavioral interventions and specific drug interventions. In addition, socio-economic and cultural issues affect diagnosis. The treatment process of PTSD could be a financial burden for servicemen and this could contribute to failure to seek timely medical assistance.

Differential diagnosis of PTSD involves assessing servicemen for the probability of other diseases such as anxiety and stress that could be the cause of cases of misconduct. This means that through diagnosis, the results might show possibility of PTSD after evaluation of the symptoms to distinguish the disorders.

The best diagnosis and treatment plan for PTSD for servicemen would require that the servicemen undergo regular checkups to diagnose for PTSD and anxiety disorders. Those who had symptoms of PTSD will undergo counseling, and receive medical treatment in order to suppress the PTSD that could lead them to social misconduct. (United States, 2017) The soldiers with PTSD will be required to attend therapy in order to help deal with their anxiety conditions.

PTSD diagnosis poses a number of challenges of in the military such as service men rarely volunteer to test for PTSD. In addition, some members of the military have turned to alcoholism to suppress symptoms of PTSSD. This affects their physical and social behavior and they become more affected with PTSD symptoms.


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