Sample Psychology Essay Paper on Classical Conditional Responses

Classical conditional responses


Some experiences that people go through often have many impacts and connotations that explaining would be hard. However, people are often engaged into a process of learning where most of the learning happens unconditionally. This paper demonstrates various life experiences and the dynamics of conditional stimuli or conditional responses.

Adolescence experience

I had always admired to play outdoor games other than gymnastics as an adolescent while in primary school until something happened. While trying to brag among my peers how powerful a footballer I was, I held a make-shift ball and invited friends to the playground. It had been raining profusely for the past two hours that afternoon but we still went out to play. As I was hitting the ball, all pupils out of their classrooms, I rolled over my hand into the mud and made myself very untidy in school uniforms in addition to getting hurt at the embarrassing of the entire school. From the events of that day, I was emotionally whenever I thought about playing soccer and can confirm that I hardly play the game to date for a feeling that I may also embarrass myself.

In my conditional emotional response (CER), my original unconditioned stimulus (UCS) was the need to keep myself physically fit and of course shows off among my peers. The original neutral stimulus that became a conditioned stimulus (CS) later became the sight of soccer or any invitation to play football. The original unconditioned response (UCR) of the stimulus was urging to get out to the pitch and play with friends but the conditioned response (CR) became fear of a football pitch or any sight of soccer and general phobia for the game.

Current fear

Currently, I have the fear of riding a bicycle at all cost after sliding with it and injuring my arm. Thinking in terms of classical condition, with respect to this fear, the UCS was always to get to a destination faster as well as enjoy leisure time. With this, the UCR was always to think of somewhere to go riding a bicycle even when the place was nearer. The original NS that caused this condition was the need to enjoy (by riding the bicycle very fast). The stimulus however transformed into the conditioned stimuli (CS) where I often recall the scar on my leg whenever I see a bicycle hence the fear of riding bicycles which is now the CR.

Conditioned taste aversion

I have not had serious aspects of conditioned taste aversion but can recall vomiting (or feeling nausea) whenever I ate chicken meat. This meal always had a reflective impact whenever I tried easting and I opted to do without it for some time. In this case, the unconditional stimulus (UCS) was earlier on hunger and the urge to eat something fleshy as chicken. The UCR originally was satisfaction and feeling of pride since eating chicken was not very common among my peers. The NS was hunger while the conditional stimulus (CS) was the ingestion of chicken or even the smell of chicken meat from a far. This smell; or piece of chicken had the CR of vomiting or nausea in equal measures. In conclusion, conditional or unconditional triggers of behaviour may have long term impacts to the bearers and victims of such behaviours especially if they have negative implications.