Sample Psychology Creative Writing Paper on Power


Question 1

The most important moral values that any child in the world should be taught are lifelong love of learning and power that should not be abused. This is the only way in which they cannot abuse power in future. This idea is true because a person cannot adopt or use a principle that they are not aware exists. On the other hand, it is less likely that a person will adopt a principle that is not congruent with their mental structure. In most case, the mental structures of people are greatly influenced by their early experiences as a child. This is the reason it is important to teach children love and give them the idea that power should not be abused for them to have a mentality that any form of abuse is evil.

Question 2

In my opinion, the best part of the “Abuse of Power” handout is the second last paragraph where the author indicates that it is unethical to place your interests first in a way that brings harm to other people. For instance, exploiting other people in order for you to benefit which is the root cause of evil in the society. On the other hand, the worst part of the handout is the last paragraph because it seems more complex to understand. It could be made better by the author using simple words.

Question 3

The Supreme Court does not make it legal for the wealthy people to abuse power because their work is to bring justice and protect the citizens from any kind of abuse. The next President does not need to work to repeal the “Citizens United” and the “McCutcheon” Supreme Court decisions because the wealthy people will still have power in the nation which they will continue to use to influence other activities. Repealing the law will bring no change in the situation instead new policies should be formed to monitor the power that wealthy people have in the nation.

Question 4

In the film “12 Yeas a Slave,” I believe that there are some people who feel that they have the natural right to exploit other people because of their status and position in the nation. These individuals should not be allowed to exert that right because it can be considered as abuse of power and authority. They can be stopped by formulating laws that guarantee equal rights to everyone in the nation.

Question 5

If someone gives me a lot of money to perform a task that will cause or bring harm to people, I will not accept the money or do the task. Even if the payment is increased from $1000 to $100, 000, I will still not do the task. There is no enough money that can buy or purchase another person’s life thus I will not make any suggestions or argue with the person who wants to give me the task. Just like the article state, the decision of a person to adopt to any ethical principle is based on personal choice thus cannot be forced on anyone. In this case, I choose to adopt ethical principle and no amount of money will force me to change my opinion or the choice that I have made. In this case, they would rather kill me or fire me from work for failing to perform the task, but I will die knowing that I stood my ground and maintained my dignity. However, when they decide to harm my family, I would report them to the police for trying to exploit me or use their power to harm.