Sample Psychology Coursework Paper on Work-life Balance Article

Guanchandani Rajni’s (2018) study explored the relationship between an employee’s work-life balance and the impact on the organization. While the author pointed out that many scholars have examined the topic, he emphasizes that the studies that have been done focused on unidirectional correlations and neglected bi-directional correlations. In contrast, Guanchandani Rajni tested whether a bi-directional relationship existed between an employee’s work-life balance and the organization productivity keeping into consideration several other factors. According to the author, the survival of any enterprise is dependent on the happiness of workers. The author highlights that an employee can never be truly satisfied with the work he/she is allocated until he/she experience satisfaction with life. The author pointed out that the human resource professionals have to be challenged to introduce a culture that promotes the balance between professional and non-professional aspects of life for an organization to prosper. The author illustrates in details the practices involved in the work-life balance which provides a conducive environment between an employee and the family which ranges from telecommuting to a quiet space. The author concludes that if organizations can implement a successful work-life balance for their employees, then they can outdo many of their competitors.

Personal Views on the Article

            The article is an eye-opener on where employers should invest their resources. In the dynamic business scope, work-life balance is as outstanding as profit maximization. Employers ought to understand and give priority to the psychological aspect of productivity and give the least focus on the physical issues of productivity. The performance of employees depends on the work-life balance which may have negative or positive consequences to a firm. A motivated employee will increase the output of an organization, and a demotivated employee will lead to massive losses. The article is very relevant to the modern business setting.


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