Sample Psychology Article Review Paper on Patients’ Experiences of Being “Ghosted” by Their Psychotherapists

Review of Journal Article (150 points)

Assignment Description


You will pick a particular ethical issue faced by individuals working within the mental health field.  You will find an APA-journal article, which has been published with in the last 5 years dealing with the ethical issue you have chosen to focus on.  You will then prepare a 4 – 6 page paper that briefly summarizes the major point(s) of the article, discuss the APA guidelines based on the ethical code related to this issue and discuss the relevance of the issue to the practice of psychology.


For the first part of this assignment you are to pick an ethical issue we have discussed or you have read about within the course.  For example, you could choose confidentiality, multiple roles, gift giving in the therapeutic relationship, or counselor impairment/burnout.  The first part of your paper should identify what the issue is by defining it and discussing what the APA ethical guidelines say related to the issue.  Therefore, you should be directly reading and referencing what the APA ethics code to state in regards to the issue. You should also address how this issue is relevant to the practice of psychology.

The next part of the assignment is to find a peer-reviewed, APA (journal should be published by the APA) journal article that has been published within the last 5 years that specifically discusses the ethical issue you have chosen to focus on.  After you read the article you are to summarize what the purpose/intent of the article was and what results or suggestions it has in regards to the ethical issue.

Finally, you should conclude your paper by tying in what the article says about the issue and how this article makes this ethical issue relevant to the practice of psychology within the last five years.

Be sure you include a proper APA style title page, reference page and follow APA guidelines for all internal citations.  You do not need to complete an abstract for this assignment.  Be sure to proofread your work for proper grammar and spelling as well.