Sample Psychology Admission Essay Paper

Admission Essay

I am interested in a psychology related profession because of the significant influences and events which have developed my present values and approach to life.  My interest in psychology began at a tender age because I had no family nor relatives since my parents had divorced. Psychology is a discipline that impassions me because of the past events and experiences that have characterized my life from a tender age. My past experiences have made me to desire gaining more knowledge and skills in the field of psychology. My passion to help Middle East women who had no outlet to seek unbiased advice coupled with my knowledge in the subject that has been gained through past experiences has influenced my excitement to want to study a subject that is related to psychology. My desire to increase my skills in the field of psychology, guided by my passion for the subject makes me want to enroll for a program that is related to psychology. The work that I am intending to carry out in the near future requires special skills in the field of psychology which can only be acquired by undertaking a course in your institution.

I have been inspired by the fact that I am the first person to graduate from college in my family and want to even achieve greater things. My family is not represented well in the realm of higher education and this makes me feel that I need to be a role model to my siblings. I feel that continuing with my university education will serve as an encouragement family and other members of my society who have not been able to access university education due to societal problems. Pursuing a program that is related to psychology will give me an opportunity to help my family and the society that I come from at large in a better way because they have always felt underrepresented in the realm of higher education. My parents migrated to America from Baghdad in Iraq for many reasons. Firstly, my parents got divorced when I was only twelve years thus making us to encounter many challenges as a family during my upbringing and that of my younger sister. We have encountered many challenges as a family form the time my parents got divorced. I had to start fending for the family at a very tender age because I am the first borne and had to start helping my mother in raising my younger sister. The divorce of our parents affected us psychologically because I would rarely see my dad, and if I did, he would just want information on what my mum was up to. I started visiting a therapist at a very tender age for the reason that I was unable to verbalize what I felt as a result of the challenges that characterized my early life. Seeing a psychologist helped me in many aspects of my life, for instance, it helped me to realize that many women in the Middle East needed my assistance. Women in the Middle East region face numerous challenges as a result of the culture of the region which has always promoted values which look down upon women. My mum was not accepted in her family for various reasons. Our family members and other Middle East friends felt that my mother could have endured all the tribulations that she faced in her marriage. Family members and friends felt that no matter what your husband was doing to you, divorce was not an option.

Divorce is unacceptable in our society to the extent that even institutions like the church do not approve of it. My mother tried to seek guidance from the church during her lowest moments but she was advised against taking the step. My mother was advised to endure the problems because of the society values which did not permit divorce. The main reason that made my mother to walk out of the marriage was to secure a good future for my young sister and myself. Our destiny was tied on the decision of our mother to either stay in the marriage or walk out. One of the main reasons that made my mother to divorce was to make sure my sister and I would be able to grow up with choices, rather than being pushed or forced into unwanted life decisions. The culture of most of my society does not allow autonomy and free will whereby people are allowed to make their own decisions.

After the divorce we ended up growing without a father figure and that is why I have always concentrated on my studies so as to avoid the recurrence of such in the near future. I was only twelve years old when I started to help my mother in providing for the family and playing a crucial role in the upright upbringing of my young sister. Religion has been an important aspect in our upbringing because of the values that our mother instilled in us when we were still young. I have always strived to get the difference between religion and culture so that I can be in a better position to assist those who have been suppressed by the structures of the society. Understanding the difference between religion and culture will help me to have a better structure on how to guide women from the Middle East on how to handle the tribulations that they often encounter. I also took courses which are related to religion as an undergraduate so as to equip myself with the requisite skills that are crucial for the effective tackling of the problem. Taking religion courses broadened my horizon on the aspect of the diversity of various cultures which coincides with my understanding of the attributes of their cultures and upbringing, therefore enabling guidance towards a resolution.

A program in psychology will help me to assist those women in the Middle East that have been psychologically affected due to the tribulations that they encounter in their daily lives. My acceptance in your institution to pursue masters in psychology will aid me to gain the skills that I have not acquired in my entire life. I have considerate knowledge and skills in the field of psychology but I will like to increase my skills so that can be able to handle complex issues in the society. Having a major psychology will materialize the intentions that I have for the women of the Middle East. In addition, my skills in the field of psychology and reputation are beyond doubt to crucial to your institution. I am eagerly waiting for your approval for the commencement of my studies and promise total cooperation towards the realization of my goals.