Sample Political Science Paper on Benefits Of Technology In Delivering Service In Political Arena


The main* positive impact of technology in the political arena; is that it has been used by political actors in campaigns, sharing their manifestos to the mass, and passing every message they have to the public. Many; a-time, we receive political ads on social media platforms like; Facebook and, so are the flayers in our emails.

Politicians also use data to generate and help predict their political base strengths in specified locations. It; raise alarms and makes them take many moves into areas; of their least support per the approximations; to help keep their lobby high.


The public has gained much freedom in political contributions in a country via technology. In not one instance will you receive much of the updates concerning their pollical view on certain aspects of life that are politically based. Several ads pop in the platforms like chat apps like WhatsApp. It has enhanced freedom of expression and has easen problem-solving stature since it directly is got, by those in authority and handled in time, be there an emergency.

It has enabled toes state of political leaders. Being a leader means you are the role model to society, and you become a mirror to be, taken after. Therefore, once spotted in an unethical carry-out stature, you get exposed to; society* and, eventually, you lose your reputation and become a society devil. This, an incident reported against a Democrat and a renowned shining star, Anthony Weiner. A leader who misbehaved with a junior in Snapchat. Technology stands out in a watchdog state. Expelling archaic behaviors in the society and inculcating perfect and desired cultures.

Many people share the best skills required in governance for the complete success of the leader. If, and only if, a leader depicts perfect leadership to their subject, none will sit and watch them fall in, areas they can offer assistance. To help mend the areas of fault, in a quick and short while without booking appointments which can take a longer time to deliver a single message, you post and tag the specific authority that your post is supposed to reach and, in a click, they get the information and address it aptly. It is a better tool.


Sensationally, technology; has harbored; politically violent people whose only gain is to disrupt the political stability; of a given institution. Just like hackers, the fake news spreaders work tirelessly to color their news headlines which culminate in the observer’s sight, attracting them to click on the links they issue to provide more information, and this earns them income just from clicks; yet, much damage to the society due to the news they spread on social media platforms like majorly, Facebook.

Through technology, politicians have caused an eruption in conflict amongst their supporters on ideological grounds. Some of the cunning politicians spread evil in society to cause chaos just to fit their political benefits. More abundant users of most social media platforms are the youths who get swayed by the political differences leading to much hatred amongst themselves, killing the future cohesion: which, is severely demanded. Due; to this, a nation; stands on dictated grounds* since the youthful minds are; titillated by arrogance hence, a political devil in this stature.





Technology has done much perfect than the opposite in the political arena. It is; used to dispense duty amongst members of society. Strong positive moves are a contribution of technology. Not; forgetting the current situation worldwide where most of the government, operations, are digitalized. Better hope to the society.