Sample Political Science Essay Paper on The Gains of United States Government

The Gains of United States Government

            The stability of a nation depends on how good the government of the day is performing. The federal government has so far done remarkably on a number of factors that have greatly influenced the growth of the economy. Conservatives are overheard faulting the government due to its inability to make changes. It is however fundamental that the wider role the government plays in ensuring a stable economy be considered from a wider perspective.

Though the democrats have formed government during the last two general elections, the anti-governments are quick to renounce the efforts by the government to solve the ever-growing struggles, such as excessive unemployment, burdensome debt, and wasted lives. The efforts by the United States government to foster peace have greatly bore fruits, more specifically with Iran and North Korea due to easing the stance on foreign policy, and preventing the rise of a war that can be more disastrous to the world. 

The clean energy revolution spearheaded by President Barack Obama is another Initiative that the government has engaged the technologies necessary to ensure that climate change as a result of carbon emissions does not increase in the years to come. This is evident by the large fund allocations of a half a billions dollars in its conception year resulting in economic growth and reduced carbon emissions, unlike in the past 40 years where they were increasing. Although private companies are the widest providers of energy in the United States, the government has put in enough efforts to ensure that the private investors have a serene environment in the quest of providing sufficient energy.

Another notable positive impact by the current government is the health insurance cover. The opposition has faulted the use of Obama’s name, claiming that it sound personal and ill-intended. However, the fact that the initiative has reduced spending on medical services to as less as 50% is encouraging more so when the services are better than those offered before the program was put in place.