Sample Political Science Essay Paper on TED Talks: Life lessons from an ad man

TED Talks: Life lessons from an ad man


            Advertisements are usually meant to persuade buyers in order to buy a particular product or service by changing a user’s perception. As such, a product advertisement is successful when the consumers buy such products or services. Rory Sutherland portrays just how advertisements can change the perception of people to use certain products. Notably, the ‘Royal Potato’ and ‘Shreddies’ advertisements are of significance to consumers. I believe that there are ethical questions that are raised from such advertisements. On the other hand, adverts play significant roles in ensuring consumers appreciate products they are familiar with but do not realize their true value.

            First, royal potato advertisement by Frederick, from the advert, the potato was considered a royal vegetable that even needed to be guarded (Sutherland 1). This advert was of significance because it made consumers realize that potatoes could be carbohydrate substitutes for wheat more so during famines. As such, rebranding the potato made Germans realize the value in product they were already familiar with but did not know the significance it had. Conversely, the ethical question that arises is whether it is ethical to consider potatoes as products that should only be consumed by royal families.

            Second, the ‘Diamond Shreddies’ advert is an interesting piece that shows how consumers can sometimes be very ignorant. On one hand, the advert was meant to promote this product considering the fact that it was only available in few countries (Sutherland 1). On the other hand, a lot ethical questions arise concerning this product. For example, is it ethical to test consumers’ minds on the taste and shape of Shreddies yet no changes has been made? Similarly, is it ethical to tell consumers that the product is new while it is the same product? From this advert, I believe that companies should consider ethical concerns when advertising products. I also believe in Sutherland’s idea of impulse saving rather than impulse buying. This can effectively change human behavior concerning the consumption of products.

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