Sample Political Science Essay Paper on Should Supreme Court justices be elected

NO! The Supreme Court justices should not be elected. When an election is introduced to the Supreme Court justices, this will undermine the rule of law greatly in the country. Let the elected representative nominate quality judges, and then the appointed judges do their work without interference so long as they conduct themselves honestly.

Reasons to support my position.

The law in a free society is usually anti-majoritarian; that is, the group of people who are unpopular or small in number is protected by the law even though that may be not what the majority of the population wants. People know how legal works, putting Supreme Court justices to a popular vote would theoretically allow popular to redefine constitutional rights on an ongoing basis.

 Most judges are supposed to make decisions that are consistent with the law, but if the judge knows that the law could result in his or her being voted out of the office is more likely to do everything to remain in office at all cost, not to do what is right. Justices may be afraid to make unpopular but necessary decisions.

The election process would prevent us from getting the best and brightest justices since people opt to vote for the person they prefer to be the best, however, when justices are nominated by the president they have to be approved by the Senate leading to a selection of quality judges.

Like any other election, justices have to raise money to run for an election that cash comes from fellow judges and other different sorts of people. But, most judges if not all are good people trying to do what is right. However, there is a corrupting effect on their subconscious level, as the judge will not help to realize who help to put them in the office so they will be in favor of them. Hence the election of justices will bring an aspect of favors.

Should term limits be set for Supreme Court justices?

Yes! The term limits for the Supreme Court justices are the best way to fix the supreme court mess. The term limit will make the Supreme Court justices more responsive and predictable.

The Justices are staying on the bench longer, not wanting to vacate the office unless they can be replaced in a higher position within the political environment. It is likely for them to die while they are still in the office leaving the office unexpectedly vacant. Vacant position may be avoided if there is a term limit. Since one’s the term is over, they are replaced by other justice.

The higher turnover in the Supreme Court would make the Supreme Court more responsive even though it does not make it any less political it brings more changes to the judiciary and also jogs the justice’s decision making ways.

No one should stay in the office for a lifetime. Even the president that appointed them has term limit which they serve hence the Supreme Court justices should serve for a specific term limit.

The longer and more extended the term is for the justice it means they are increasingly losing touch with the world outside the Court. The setting of time limit ensures that judges do not lose all contact with the reality and this would help to ensure the decision they are making are align to the trending issues in the country.