Sample Political Science Essay on The African Woman and Politics

The African Woman and Politics


            Leadership and governance is a very important concept in the entire universe. In the dark days when Africa was still a rising continent and slavery took dominance, it was hard to come to terms with allowing an African leader as a woman. Cultural beliefs, malevolence, and gender bigotry took precedence in those years. The 21st century has since seen a remarkable change in regime with the greater populace focusing on leadership qualities and the developments that come about as a result of swearing in one in office as opposed to the over-emphasis on gender and wayward cultures. Therefore, African women leaders have been on the rise with amendment of constitution such as those in Kenya to create more seats for women in parliament. For example, the case of Najatu Mohammed provides an accurate account of African woman and politics.


            Gender bigotry and racial discrimination go hand in hand. The most important aspect of leadership and governance is problem solving abilities and innovation. That is, a leader should have the ability to bring people together while at the same time solving the pertinent issues affecting the populace. Problem solving abilities are in-born and cannot be restricted to gender. Pegging leadership on a member of a particular gender or tribe is backward and retrogressive (Bower and Wolverton, 2009, P.28).

Africa has not fully embraced the acceptance of women to join leadership and take key roles in the governance of the people. In this regard, female presidents are countable in the entire continent. In Kenya for example, there existed one Giriama leader called Mekatilili, who was a respected woman leader including freedom fighters like Winnie Mandela who fought along his husband against the oppressive apartheid rule.

            African women need great support in order to encourage them to come up and take leadership positions. Leadership is taken not given. Any individual, whether male and female, has to practice how to lead. Therefore, the concept of leadership is irrespective of culture, traditions, or gender. It is dependent on the individual talents and abilities such as problem solving, decision making coupled with other things.


            Careful selection of leaders is the only key to development in any particular society. Leaders should be selected regardless of malice and retrogressive traditions and cultural beliefs. Women, like men, have what it takes to lead all they need is a little pat on the back and support from the general populace.

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