Sample Political Science Essay on Israeli and Palestinian Conflict

Israeli and Palestinian Conflict

 Israel is populated by Jews while Palestine is populated by Arabs. The conflict is basically between Jews and Arabs.

The war started in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The war has resulted to destruction of property, loss of life and even destabilization of world peace in general. Palestine has greatly suffered the consequences of this war. Children considering how innocent they are have been the most vulnerable in this calamity. Dating back to 29 Sept 2000 to now, there has been a significantly great loss of life. A record of; 132 Israeli and 2053 Palestinian children, 1,185 Israelis and 9,100 Palestinians. The injured 10,903 Israelis and 70,121 Palestinians. Israel has the benefit of getting foreign aid.  The U.S gives Israel 8.5 million dollars per day while Palestine gets none. Most of the people affected in this war are civilians. The resolutions created by United Nations targets Israel. For example 77 resolutions target Israel while 1 targets Palestine. After Israel took hold of Palestine territory, they captured men, women and children and held them hostage. So far there about 5,271 Palestinians in the prisons of Israel. Around 28,000 homes of Palestinians have been demolished out of Israel plan of house demolition which is ultimate violation of human rights. Palestinians have been left homeless while Israel has taken dominance in Palestinian land by building homes in Palestine. Israel has nothing to lose, it is everyday dominating Palestine in all aspects.

Israel and the U.S are working together to curb terrorism threat that is the Al-Qaida. The crucial enemies of the U.S are also the enemies of Israel. To fight terror in the world America supports Israel in order to flash out the world’s peace threats.