Sample Political Science Critical Thinking Paper on Neo-Liberalism


Liberalism is a term used to describe political, economic, or religious ideas or thoughts. “Noe” means something new. According to the three authors, they present a shared thought about neo liberalism as a concept that governments ought to implement in order to realize economic growth and social welfare although it has several other presented definitions (Saad, 4). This approach is from economists and social studies. It provides that control of economic factors should be transferred from the public sector to the private sector because governments are not in position to bring about solid economic and social welfare.

Neo liberalism requires governments to cut down deficit spending, reform tax laws, privatize state firms, and allow for back deregulation to achieve a balanced interest. A case study of the United States shows that the government is neo conservative whereby National interests are not balanced. For instance, in as much as homeland security protects the citizens, current government systems have led to many questions in analyzing the political rationality. The current political state in the last 25 years have represented  neo conservatives’ which has concentrated on building up military supremacy, increasing global hegemony, deregulation of corporations, reducing education spending which feather the nests of the rich at the expense of the poor and economic and social welfare (Fukuyam n.p).

Sleep Dealer is a science fiction film in which addresses many issues. They relate specifically to what will happen in the coming days due to the introduction of technologies and which is transforming the world. In this case, technology is used to connect and oppress immigrants According to the movie in neo colonialism will be a solution to government exploitation of its laborers at all cost as seen with robot workers that despite working, they end up paying their last penny to all services they use. Technology as a major driving force of neo liberalism should not be used for exploitation of any subject.

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