Sample Political Essays Paper on Political/Social Change

Political/Social Change

            Leadership styles portrayed by leaders today definitely define their political direction. People, especially in developed democracies, would prefer to put someone with high integrity in any political office. As such, the behaviors portrayed by an individual would greatly determine either his or her success or failure in the political arena. Therefore, accountable, morally upright, and high integrity individuals are more likely to positively sell their agenda to voters. Any citizen seeking for political change would be very cautious on the kind of leaders they choose. First, a leader who seeks to transform the well-being of a state through developments would be seen a good person to the public. For example, a leader who brings projects, such as employment creation for residents of a given city would be considered as good person or prince of that city.  

Secondly, an individual who acquires wealth or tries to gain popularity through corruption and violent means would be seen as evil in the eyes of ordinary citizens. This is because people perceive evil deeds as unethical in the contemporary society. As such, these individuals would have a negative impact towards the social well being of citizens. On the other hand, people do not usually realize that some leaders use evil means, such as property theft to be considered heroes or princes. In addition, ordinary citizens seeking deep social and political change view evil individuals as people unable to address moral issues. Socially, such individuals could promote vices, such as robbery, which are unacceptable. Politically, such evil people are considered as unable to portray transparency as a form of leadership. Generally, a citizen would consider a good leader a prince based on ethical and developmental behaviors, such as integrity, transformation, and transparency.