Sample Poetry Essay Paper on The Red Wheelbarrow

            My favorite poet among the ones we studied this semester is William Carlos Williams. His expressions in the poems are unlike that of the other poets. His poetry has a capacity to create imagery in the mind of the reader in a manner that is uncommon for most poets (Poetry Foundation par 4). His poems are also open to interpretation and not confined to any a single context regarding time and experiences (Poetry Foundation par 7). This makes it much easier for me to relate to his poetry.

            Of William Carlos Williams poems, The Red Wheelbarrow stands out for me. This is because it is such a short poem, yet it has a lot of weight. No one has managed to analyze and interpret it exhaustively. This poem has such vivid imagery such that one can see the objects described by the poet when reading or listening to the poetry. Further, there is an inclusion of animate and inanimate objects in the poem. This is a beautiful mixture, given that the poem is very short, only eight lines.

The reader is left wondering what makes the wheelbarrow very important, as indicated by the first line “…so much depends upon… (Williams par 3)” there is also a nature imprint in the poem as depicted by the rainwater that is glazing the red wheelbarrow. There is no knowing whether the rainwater that is glazing the wheelbarrow will play the role of cleaning it or making it rust. It can work either positively or negatively. The wheelbarrow is manmade while the rainwater is a consequence of nature. Williams manages to fuse manmade objects with nature in a seamless manner, and this contributes to the enjoyment and beauty of the poem.

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