Sample physical Science Paper on Significance of Doing Good as stated in the Quran

Significance of Doing Good as stated in the Quran

In the Quran, Prophet Muhammad talks of the importance attached to the need to do good to others and oneself while in this world. This means that individuals are urged to do what God intended them to do when He put them in this world. According to the scriptures, there are clear guidelines in terms of the laws and path designed for everyone to follow in inheriting the kingdom of God. Everyone is encouraged to be in the race to do good so that God envisions to them the purpose for living (Quran 5:48).

The relevance of Hadith in Promoting Goodness

Hadith talks of aspects the prophet left to everyone so as they can never go astray. This refers the Quran, which is meant to shape the daily lives in which we interact ourselves in. The Prophet had a clear message in the Hadith insisting on the importance of reading the Holy Scripture if we wanted to feel part of God’s household. The Hadith is, therefore, clear on God’s intention to ensure everyone inherits the kingdom by sticking to doing good things that do not harm others psychologically or physically.

Prohibition as a Pillar that Promotes Goodness

By adhering to the pillar of faith, we are well assured that individuals will be able to abide by the laws of Islam that bring benefits and wards off harms to the persons and the society. The pillars define the benefits in terms of protection of religion, life, mind, offspring and property.  The pillar of faith is based on the Sunna, that is, the Prophets Deeds and words that are meant to encourage us to continue doing well to others. Regarding the five categories that determine the human behavior, we could base our ability to doing well in the category that prohibits evil acts (haram).