Sample Physical Science Essay Paper on China-United States Relations

The relationship between China and the United States has always been versatile, at times, the two countries will be in cooperation but other times will lock heads in friction. Despite these countries being members of the Asia-Pacific region, they have in a number of times fell into conflict. The U.S accepts 40% of imports from china, China on the other hand, accepts just 2% (Joshua, 644). This highlights an imbalance that has always resulted in suspicion from both sides. The two countries however, have balanced between conflict and cooperation ever since the World War II.

There has been a lot of problems in the relations between the United States and China because China became one of the countries to rise in between the early stages after the Cold War. Due to this, the US adopted policies against China which have resulted in adverse effects to its relationship with the Country. These policies have been seen by some Western Countries and China itself to be contradictory and more so, ill-coordinated (Joshua, 647). Due to this, many officials in China started to suspect USA’s motives in seeking to do business with them. Nevertheless, the US has always been interested in the containment of this rising superpower that has already displayed enough rivalry (Joshua, 647).

Despite it being hard to predict the future of the two countries’ relations, both sides are taking measures to improve policies towards each other. Good relations are nevertheless, dependent on productive dialogues held by their head of states (Joshua, 648). China holds the Chinese Foreign Policy that promotes a bilateral relationship with the United States. On the other hand, despite the US displays signs of engagement with the Chinese to the world, in the real sense it is more interested in containing it.

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