Sample Philosophy Essay Paper on Sexual Violence in America

Sexual Violence in America

Sexual violence (SV) refers to any sexual attempt or act to attain sexual activity through unwanted sexual comments, coercion or violence, or acts which are directed against an individual’s sexuality without their consent or freely given. There are various reasons, which would make a person not to consent such as disability, fear, illness, age, and/or alcohol influence, or other drugs. Ideally, sexual violence affects children, men and women throughout their entire lives (RAINN, 2009).

Astonishingly, sexual violence can be distressing for communities, individuals and families because it adversely affects them. It is paramount to note that any person including elders, teens, children, and adults can experience these sexual violence acts. The number of sexual violence cases in America has been escalating at an alarming rate and public awareness programs should be implemented to curb this menace effectively (RAINN, 2009).

In addition, sexual violence primarily takes place any time that an individual is manipulated, coerced or forced into any inappropriate sexual activity. There are numerous types of SV, which include peeping, cyber stalking/stalking, threats, exposure, sexual harassment, inappropriate or unwelcome sexual contact, sexual exploitation, incest, sexual assault, and rape (OASIS, 2015).

According to OASIS (2015), sexual violence constitutes a crime and the need to harm, control and humiliate the victims are the major motives of those people that perform such acts. It further notes that in every two minutes, there is a person in America that is sexually assaulted. These are shocking statistics and the government including the communities should intervene to reduce this undesirable rate.

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                                               Source: RAINN (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network)

According to RAINN (2009), sexual violence was particularly high towards women as compared to children and men. RAINN also notes that SV can have physical effects, emotional and psychological effects on the victim. Some psychological effects include undesirable flashbacks, dissociation with other people, prolonged feelings of stress, anxiety or fear, depression, sleep disorders, and eating disorders. There are two available sexual violence victim’s services, which are found in America, and they include RAINN and the NCDSV (National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence).


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