Sample Philosophy Essay Paper on Personality


            Altruism differs from egoism, as it emphasizes on cooperation and the need for people to care about others while, egoism does not care about needs of other people.  For instance, Mother Teresa is viewed as a pillar of altruism as she committed her life towards helping the less fortunate in India. I choose this example, as it shows the admirable selflessness of Mother Teresa towards helping other people in the society. Source link:

There is no much difference between the personality tests described in this chapter and the personality tests that might be found in magazines. Both personality tests focus on the traits and characteristics of the individuals (Baltes and Warner 212). However, the personality tests explained in the chapter are more traditional unlike the personality tests in magazines in which are more dynamic. It is possible for individuals to change their personalities, as they desire. This is made possible by changes in cultural practices and social interactions.

 Personality conflict involves the conflict among two or more individuals due to their incompatible personalities.  The personality conflict usually occurs among work related, social and family associated instances.  One can resolve personality conflicts by thinking about the situations, being calm, and finding acceptable compromise.

 I think the violence in the media or playing video game has lead to the increased aggression among children and adolescents. This is because children usually follows on the practices indicated on the video games and media.  Therefore, video games influences social behaviors and actions among the children addicted to violent video games.

  I think the online groups are more likely to exhibit groupthink. This is because only vocal members in the group give their ideas to be followed. For example, I was part of an education group in facebook, only vocal members were influential, and thus, there was a bias of individual ideas being a group representative.

I could use this technique in my real life situation by following the school curriculum and guidelines on racial integration as well as reducing discrimination. Therefore, the jigsaw technique is appropriate in tackling the background of prejudice and discrimination in the schools.

I could use the Student Forum in by own life by obtaining additional resources and information. The resources and information includes issues related to special issues and sensitive matters in my life. The information would important in order to understand my psychological understanding on critical life issues.

The Big Five-Factor Test

My Results:

Closed-MindedOpen to New Experiences
Calm / RelaxedNervous / High-Strung


Based on the results, it is clear that I have a high score in terms of openness to experience. This indicates that are am original, curious, and creative. I also discovered that I am conscientiousness and extraversion individual. This indicates that am well organized and reliable as well as explaining that am relatively social and enjoys the company of others. In terms of agreeableness, I have good score in forgiving and good nature. Finally, I have a low rating on neuroticism. The rating means that I always remain calm even in tense instances. Largely, I feel the personality characteristics are learned (Mischel 217). Throughout the life, people are exposed to different social interactions and influences. These life experiences are responsible for helping people to learn personality characteristics. Therefore, the personality characteristics are learned rather than being inborn.

 Additionally, culture plays a significant role in influencing the expression of the particular personality characteristics. Culture defines the different values and beliefs that guidelines the lives of people. Different cultural backgrounds could lead to different personality characteristics among individuals. For example, the Christian religion encourages its followers to be honest and calm in tense situations. Such instances could influence the ability of the individuals to be relaxed and calm. Therefore, culture plays a significant role in influencing the expression of these particular personality characteristics.

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