Sample Philosophy Coursework Paper on Artificial General intelligence

Generally, intelligence refers to the ability to exercise proper reasoning and critical thinking. Therefore, artificial general intelligence is man-made and will be promoted by the use of machines like computers which will increase the efficiency and general operation of the human being. It will be a perfect version of an enhanced human being. In the light of this, the paper will attempt to explicate various aspects of artificial intelligence with regard to how this influence individuals’ actions. The paper will also explore the different ways individuals apply artificial intelligence with the aim of arriving at a common point of application (Hurlbut and Hava 78).

In most instances, human beings will opt for artificial general intelligence as a goal for personal reasons of enjoyment; a more enhanced computers and machines that are able to efficiently perform various tasks will lead to solving very many problems and issues that are affecting current humanity. Having a more intelligent brain and mind will help in decision making and problem solving hence making the world a better place to live in; that feeling of having not to worry about anything at any time will constantly keep them glued to the goal (Hurlbut and Hava 78). The ability of individuals to think critically will also be enhanced through adoption of the use of artificial intelligence (Simpson 43).  

 When scientist finally perfect the artificial general intelligence, there is likely to be fewer errors by both people and machines. On the other hand, economically, this will lead to more efficient production. All that each individual needs is a stable and growing economy devoid of poverty. Having more intelligent computers will increase rates of innovation and creativity thus leading to increased production hence a stable economy (Simpson 43).  The social aspect of it all will bring about equality as there will be low chances of extremely poor individuals owing to increased minds and intelligence. Politically due to the enhanced decision-making skills and intelligence, there will be high levels of democracy as it will understand more their rights as citizens and the need to choose leaders who are committed and with the best intentions at heart (Ranisch 43).

On the other hand, human beings may not pursue artificial general intelligence as a goal due to the vagueness of the researches that have been conducted and the little progress that has been undergoing under the same field. This is because most people still doubt the practicality of the concept and therefore just known only to a few of them. Jensen extensively explores the intelligence topic (Simpson 43).   He argued that the intelligence of a person is an inherited trait; it is highly influenced by genetic factors and not environmental factors. He also talked about whites and blacks learning concepts differently that is whites have the ability to conceptualize whereas the blacks can only memorize (Hurlbut and Hava 78).

 Therefore, in relation to artificial general intelligence, the ability of those machines to operate as under similar networks that are called organization and performing the same function and possess the ability to repair on their own will be a hard thing to come by. Skills are important in the development of a super machine; the way of thinking can be influenced by the experiences that those coming up with the connections have gone through in life. Hence most of the ideas will not be original but will be from mainly experiences that to others may be different (Hurlbut and Hava 76).  The problem of perfectionism will also affect artificial general intelligence in that there will be pressure from across the world to have the machines do everything hence letting the brains go into a state of dormancy and unproductivity.(Simpson 18).

In conclusion, artificial general intelligence will not only kill the originality of humanity but will also bring about chaos and misunderstanding. Also, artificial general intelligence will bring major advancement to the world as the machines will be enhanced and they will perform extra ordinary things. The concept of human will also not find meaning as humans are mortal beings that experience hardship and suffering, but in this case, artificial general intelligence will bring about efficiency and increased productivity in the whole world without any hardship and stress hence living a worry free life. (Hurlbut and Hava 78).

In summary, integrating different approaches and ideas in making AGI a success is quite a task. There is need for consideration of all the approaches to arrive at a similar point of operation. Besides, the human mind and brain should be studied deeply to find out all the underlying facts that will aid in approaching AGI in a better way that will lead to success of the process but before then it is a wait and see (Hurlbut and Hava 78).

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