Sample Paper on Quality Assessment in Health Service Organizations

Quality Assessment in Health Service Organizations

When describing aspects of quality assessment in a health care system the main focus is relied on improving the service delivery and ensuring that the most appropriate interventions and technological innovations are adopted to enhance best practices in the field. In a business set-up quality assessment is done to ensure that an organization realizes maximum profits as well as increase its customer base.

Health care systems assess quality depending on the reception of health care practitioners, the patients as well as the community within which these healthcare systems operate. A business related organization on the other hand assesses quality through their customers, competitors as well as employees.

For a health system, carrying out a quality assessment exercise leads to the understanding of the measurable outcomes in health service provision, this knowledge is also important as we are able to compare the effects of the various changes in treatment through the empirical outcomes and be able to provide optimal care to patients while maximizing the use of the scarce resources available.

Unlike the business model of assessment, the health quality assessment model has four levels; macro-level, it is the responsibility of government at the national level to ensure that qualities are implemented to formulate supportive policies, regional entities such as state governments in the US need to ensure performance monitoring and help to implement national policy, health care organizations and their representatives such as hospital associations can help to measure quality at the organizational level and  “micro-system” level where patient care services are provided to individual patients.

Consumers act as filters on how every organization is handling its activities when providing services and goods. They are important in providing feedback as they help organizations to make the necessary changes. In business related organizations, consumers may call, write to express dissatisfaction and in other instances asked to fill questionnaires or participate in surveys during a specified period. In health care systems, feedback is done during assessments and opinion boxes that are available.

A more unilateral method of getting feedback for health system is recommended to enhance service delivery and ensure goodwill on the side of the consumers and the medical professionals.   A transparent system that monitors the incentives of the health care system in terms of quality, pricing, health care outcomes as a well as making the information readily available for the customers makes it easy to receive feedback as there is informed and easy decision making terms for the health care systems.

It is important that each organization undertakes quality assessment seriously. By doing so, an organization is able to realize the weak points and maximize of the strengths. There is no organization that performs an assessment so as to collapse or rather decrease performance therefore the general gain an organization receives by doing a quality assessment is to increase productivity and service delivery. For a health care system, an assessment helps in improving patient care as well as realizing areas that pose a danger in managing common diseases.

For business related organizations, quality assessment enables improvement and expansion of the customer base. It also enables the business to improve on service delivery as employees’ terms of service are also put into consideration. Organizations that undertake quality assessments tend to perform well as compared to their counterparts that do not.