Sample paper on Personal Statement for applying graduate programs

Personal Statement

I joined Seattle Community College in 2008 and graduated in 2010 with an AA degree in Business Administration. In 2010, I transferred from Seattle to Drexel University, where I studied for my B.A degree in Management Information Systems, with a minor in Information Systems, and graduated in 2013. During the period at Drexel, I worked for PJM Company as an Operation Applications Intern for 6 months in 2011. In 2012, I moved to Energy Plus as a Business Intelligence Analyst Intern for 6 months. After my graduation in summer 2013, I joined JP Morgan Chase & Co. for 6 months as Global Data Analyst Contractor.

The contract ended in March 2014 and I started working full-time at DSG, Inc. as the quality control associate until now. I have held various leadership roles which include the vice president and co-founder of the ASCEND Drexel student chapter. This role enabled me to gain valuable skills in coordination of networking events and formulation of software systems, which are used in tracking activities of the group members.

The positions I have held so far have increased my skills and understanding of the management information systems. As a control associate, I am involved in the verification of information before they are entered into database, analyzing more than 10,000 Excel records on a daily basis. I am also involved in the creation of case report forms and validation of the guidelines necessary for the electronic data capture for clinical trials. I do creation and completion of test plans as well as implementation of the solutions aimed at reducing the processing time for the computers. My role also includes collaborating with external entities from Japan and India, especially in the areas of software engineering and quality control. This enabled me to acquire vital skills in developing and maintaining daily workflow and ensuring accurate and timely delivery of the assignments.

The technical skills acquired from colleges and through experience range from MS project (2008), SAP HANA, Viso (2010) and SAS. These are very essential in database management. In programming, I am conversant with C++, Python 3.3.0, SQL, server management studio, and SQL server business intelligence. I have also done JavaScript, adobe Photoshop and word press. In addition to all these skills, I have done SAP business suite and all the Microsoft packages. These skills are very crucial in this field of management information systems. They have improved my analytical and problem solving skills and even my time organizational skills.

All the above mentioned job positions, experiences and skills have contributed immensely to my excellence in managing information systems. Healthcare is a very challenging area and I would like to major in a course that would enable me face and solve the challenge efficiently. I have a passion for working in positions that contribute directly towards improving the welfare of the human kind. I believe that the healthcare sector would benefit a lot from my vast experience and skills. However, this would be more effective and beneficial if I pursue and major in a dual degree in MS in healthcare informatics and MS of information system at Drexel University – the University of my choice. Pursuing these degrees in this university would make me very efficient because the university is well known for producing well-rounded and qualified candidates. I therefore request that the university accept my application as it did when I applied for my first degree in management information systems. Just as I did the university proud by excelling and maintaining good grades, I promise to continue with that and do even better.