Sample Paper on Mexican Civilization

Mexican Civilization

In the sentiment of a nation, we get several ideas about the Mexican civilization that Morelos point that tell us about the colonial experience in New Spain. Before the Mexican insurgency, a mass famine struck the lowland region; the inability of the lower class to rule in Mexico resulted in anger due to social injustices that were widespread in the country. The Crisis of Legitimacy was caused by widespread social injustices and the desire to overthrow the corrupt government and replace it with a more legitimate regime.

First, we realize that religion played a vital role in the conquest of New Spain. Religious leaders were at the forefront in ensuring that independence was achieved, we get to know that the Catholic Church was the dominant force in Western civilization, for instance, Mexico. As time moved, the monarchies of Europe like that one that was established in Spain commenced to consolidate power. Spain, the forerunner in the Age of Discovery, was a Catholic state as it is evident from the events that characterized the colonies of Spain. Morelos was a religious leader who played a vital role in ensuring that the people of Mexico were free from the chains of colonialism and slavery. In the sentiment of a nation we get to know of the harsh treatment that the natives of Mexico endured as result of colonialism that was characterized by enslavement and harsh treatment of other groups with no exception of the blacks. Slavery and harsh treatment was widespread in the monarch for the reason that slaves provided cheap labour to the colonialist.

Second, we also get insights on the conquest of the empire and the methods that were used to gain freedom. From the harsh treatment that people were subjected to through racist stereotypes and other methods that were used to segregate, we get to know of the harsh experiences that the natives of the monarch and other minority inferior groups had to go through. It’s of the idea the Spaniard had a justification for the use of attributing of the strengths being attributed to their extreme powers.  There is also the belief that a single enslaved Black was comparable to four indigenous persons as it’s held that the Black Spaniards that were being enslaved and could survive as per the demands of labour of both the indigenous populations and Whites could not. The Afro-Mexican that was being enslaved used to work in different areas in the colony for example; they laboured in sugar plantations, silver mines, and textile firms. They developed of the most fundamental ideological notions which solely relied on chauvinistic concepts, their notion of Limpieza de Sangre which was used to distinguish one who did not originate from the Old Christian stock. According to the Spaniards’ view any individual who did not have the pure blood was regarded as displaying the lack of ancestral roots of the Jews, Muslims or Black ancestors.

The main ideas that can be gotten from the sentiment of a nation about the Mexican civilization is the role of different institutions in the fight for independence and how slavery was used as a tool to suppress non-Spaniards. It is evident that different social groups existed in the monarch who was composed of evidential elite minority of the Spanish origin that exercised economic, social domination and the blacks were on the lowest level on the hierarchical ladder and were used as slaves who provided labour because of their energy.