Sample Paper on Hate Groups

Hate Groups

Family Research Council Hate Group

Family Research Council is a hate group that was formed in 1983 and it operates in Washington, D.C. This group later merged with Focus, which was a larger religious group before separating again after staying together for four years. This hate group was started by Gary Bauer who was a former official of the Department of Education. The group’s main aim was to spread messages that were addressing the issue of anti-gay, anti-sex education and even the issue of anti-abortion.

The group’s views were those of allowing people to stick to the rules of nature and avoid behaving in a way that seems to be against what was traditionally known to be right. The group thus was strongly against gayism, which was seen to be taking root in the society with those that were practicing this emerging in the limelight and publicly declaring their position. This group was against this and it opposed this in an authoritarian personality manner. The group led by Bauer who was strongly against gayism in 1993 wrote an influential editorial opinion that raised a lot of discussions from the public and mostly from those who were for the idea. He added that the society has ninety-nine percent of the members of the society who still follow the norms of nature and thus calling for the rights of gayism to be allowed meant that the society will be lured to change their ways.

Family Research Council group operates in many parts of Washington region and has gotten the support of some influential leaders and opinion makers due to the open criticism and fight against gayism. One of the members of this group called Timothy Dailey received a backing by the members after he compared those that practice gayism and lesbianism to abnormal cells. The group as a way to ensure that school girls are protected from lesbianism in one time called for deployment of guards in the schools’ restroom to ensure that they do not practice lesbianism at all. The group in 1997 held several demos and protests as a sign that they resisted the giving of domestic partner benefits to members of the society arguing that this would lead the society to embrace bad vices that are against the nature.

The Southern Poverty Law Center helps a lot in monitoring the hate groups and especially their activities (Swain, 2004). In 2008, many groups were formed after the elections in USA (Waltman, 2008). There are many groups that came in place that time in Washington and up to date they are operating in Washington. Apart from Family Research Council, they include Concerned Women for Africa, Northwest Front, and Free America Rally among others. The action that can be done to these groups is to ensure that they are well established and registered so as to enable them remain true to practicing good intentions. These groups need support so as to ensure that they operate well as they are needed and this will greatly in helping them to be able to make it in their objectives. It is also good to ensure that they follow the set rules for the groups and to ensure that they do not operate against the law. It is therefore good to make these groups operate freely without the influence of any other external force. This will help them to be able to avoid any discrimination and spread of propaganda to the people of this region.

In summary, hate groups are many and they are usually formed with a certain aim and objective and it is important to ensure that the groups achieve their set goals and this will only happen if the groups are left to perform in a free society and not influenced by anybody or external forces. In addition, it is crucial that they are well monitored to curb any negative aspects related to them. This will safeguard citizens who are not favored by such groups’ agendas from enduring hate crimes or negative backlash from these groups.



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