Sample Paper on Essay Responses

Essay Responses

The benefits an institution gets from embracing diversity are exorbitant. Diversity in this regard entails talents, interest, and contextual cultures. Being part of the Daniels graduate school means that my expertise and interests will be experienced and utilized by colleagues at the institution. My prior experience as a communication trainee at a leading Public relations firm will enable me fit in the institutions graduate school.

The need to have a good portrayal towards your peers in a social context, customers in a business premise, and clients in a company is vital in ensuring success in the various engagements one may involve him/herself. As learners, we should ensure that our priorities are right to give our tutors ample time in guiding us to success. Apart from the usual customer relations stints I was involved in at the PR firm, I was also tasked with making reservations in conference halls for meetings between the firm and its client, this experience extended my understanding of the corporate world which I will share with my fellow students who will in return give their suggestion or share their own so as to compare.

As part of public relations practice ethics, it is important for individuals in this field to have proper media relations to be updated of the various developments in the global scene. Press cuttings and media analysis were part of my duties during my internship earlier on. On certain occasions, drafting media invites and press releases was part of the communication medium that public relation officers used in their day-to-day activities. Understanding the client base on the local, national, and global scene also acts as a major breakthrough for this profession, which I endeavor to further in my studies in this institution. .

It is my greatest vision that Daniels would benefit largely from my input, while at the same time equipping me with supplementary knowledge in the field of Public Communications in the Graduate school.