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BT Group


BT Group is a British Company that serves many nations in the word with its services in the field of telecommunications. It is a popular and famous company with the headquarters in London, which operates in more than 170 countries worldwide, due to its quality and decent services. In addition to the services it offers, BT Group takes part both in social as well as environmental responsibility as a core sector in its strategies that help its stakeholders to operate effectively. It mainly operates in three fields, which include the social, economic and environmental sectors. Sustainability in these three sectors has been important to an organization in the financial performance as well as in operational performance.

Social Sustainability

How Is Current Supply Chain in BT?

BT Group has both warehousing and transport systems that ensure that distribution of the products is effective. The two main distribution centers in the country for the company are located at Northallerton and at Magna Park. The distribution center at Northallerton deals with delivering products directly to customers. It also distributes products to the center at Magna Park and other retail shops that sell our products with engineering materials. The company has its fleet that it uses to transport all sizes of equipment that customers may need. It has testers that are mobile that serve in the inspection and testing sectors to ensure that there is effective and timely security.

Each distribution center has its own warehouse that is used to store products that are later sold to customers who need them. Each outlet, warehouse and distribution center has verification code scanners that verify details of all orders made to the company. Most of the workforce that BT Group uses to make its products and to offer its services is based on engineering efforts. Therefore, it employees most people who have qualification and skills in the field to ensure that it has adequate human resources to sustain it in the market. By use of these skills, the company assembles all necessary equipment to make their products.

How could you Use Sustainability of this Supply Chain?

The sustainability of the supply chain of BT Group could be used to curb some of the harmful environmental emissions that are exposed to the surrounding using their advanced technology in their workforce. This can further be effective if it cooperated with other companies in its supply chain. The company as well as other companies to produce products that are user friendly can use the supply chain. Suppliers of BT Group can intervene and plan to come up with plans on how to protect the environment and ensuring efficiency in the field of energy production, which are the main sectors in the economy that emit harmful emissions to the environment.

The supply chain could also be used to hold workshops and educative programmes to give knowledge that could assist suppliers in understanding the importance using energy in ways that are more effective as well as ways on how to cut the levels of CO2 emissions. The governance and the sustainability team of the BT Group could work with other professionals in the world to ensure that ethics are maintained. Thus could be more effective through giving advice to suppliers.

What Did BT already do for Social Supply Chain?

The supply chain has developed mutual partnerships between the company’s management and suppliers to ensure that there is increased transparency in the chain. It has worked with suppliers to cut the carbon emissions exposed to the surrounding in order to reduce pollution in the air through the relationship management it has with the suppliers with its main focus being the carbon and water packages. The company has commercialized accountable sourcing and connected it to its main needs in its business affairs. Another thing that the company has done for the supply chain is that it has thought of long-term plans by facilitating the security of the chain to ensure that there is a reduction in the overhead costs and that the limited resources in the supply chain are protected.

How can you improve it?

BT Group supply chain can be improved by tracing for its visibility globally. This can only be done by offering a secured portion of data that is close to real time. This will ensure that it will help to build up coalitions as well as partnerships with other organizations and suppliers across the world. In return this will help to improve the infrastructure, standards and solutions to the supply chain due to the knowledge that is shared by the coalitions formed.

Economic Sustainability

The company has shown commitment in effective and responsible leadership. Its sustainability in business has gone beyond the boundaries of just incorporating intent strategies and being a good manager of the social welfare as well as the footprint in the environment. The company is also passionate about helping others to live as well as work sustainably with the skills and expertise that their employees have, as earlier mentioned in the paper.

SWOT Analysis

In order to understand a company’s economy progression, it is important to review its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


·         An extensive market niche in the country

·         A diverse customer portfolio

·         The company has a deal with the world largest renewable energy manufacturers


·         indulging in the growing global market

·         innovating mobile digital television

·         reviewing their data services since there is an increasing demand for 3G technologies



·         Regulated home market

·         They lack job diversity because of a fixed line of communication

·         Condemned for unethical practices such as behavioral targeting


·         Government interference through regulations and licenses

·         Upcoming competition

·         Business interferences due to natural calamities

·         Declining domestic value


Find the Analysis of Competitors for BT Group

One of the old rivals of the company in the industry was the red phone booths but in the recent past the BT Group has been able to utilize its forces to counteract the competition. The forces that it has used are the strong bargaining power of its suppliers and customers, few threats of substitutes in the market and friendly firms in the market. The company competes with Deutsche Telekom AG and the Vodafone Group Plc in the industry. The areas that the competitors beat the BT Group are the volumes of sales they make, their growth in the market, their levels of profitability and their respective market caps.

Additional Tools in Relation to Long-Term Strategy for BT Group

For BT Group to have many more achievements, the main drive that the company should incorporate in its strategies is reduction of overhead costs, which in turn leads to maximization of opportunities in the market as well as in the social setting. Using an analysis of SWOT of the company, some tools that could act as its foundation of long-term strategies could be obtained. The advanced technology in the company, one of its strengths could be manipulated to gain higher ranks and popularity in the global market by solving environmental issues like pollution of air by gas emissions produced by manufacturing companies as well as technological issues. For instance, the company has built a coalition with Visa Europe for 12 years now to expand the user base of Europe’s credit cards.

One of its weaknesses is that due to the great demand of engineering, workforce, the company has not been able to maintain equality in gender when employing workers. Most of the workers are men, and thus this can also be a long-term strategy that will ensure that in the near future, the number of men will be equal to the number of women that will be working. It can manipulate the threat of the company using large amounts of energy to test its effectiveness in reducing costs in the future. Due to the strong relationship marketing strategies it has as its major opportunity, it can use that to broaden its market.


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