Sample Nutrition Paper on How to Make Grilled Cheese Cannabis Sandwiches

How to Make Grilled Cheese Cannabis Sandwiches


  • One tablespoon, unsalted butter, and softened two tea spoons.
  • Cannabutter,
  • Dijon mustard,
  • Eight slices of crusty bread,
  • Four slices of cheddar.
  • Four slices of gruyere,
  • Cheese and
  • One table spoon of olive oil. 
  • Four slices of bread (this should be your choice)
  • Cheese that will melt easily such as Swiss or American or cheddar
  • 3 table spoon of canna butter and separate two slices of cheddar cheese (Moriarty, 2011).


There are various methods that apply in making grilled cheese cannabis sandwiches. They are as follows:

  • Combine butter, Dijon and canna butter in a small bowl.
  • Spread the mixture on the eight slices of bread.
  • Create a layer by using one slice of cheddar and one of the gruyere.
  • Apply this on the unbuttered side and spread them well on the four of the slices. Heat the olive oil in a huge nonstick skillet over a medium temperature.
  • Cook all the slices and ensure that all the pieces of bread turn golden brown in color. It is also important to watch the cheese until when it melts (Gleason & Culinary Institute of America, 2015).
  • Pair the top and the bottom halves of the slices to create a sandwich. Cut them into half and serve them while they are still warm. 
  • Alternatively, an individual can prepare cannabutter with slices of bread.
  • Place them on a skillet and ensure the heat is on medium high level.
  •  Take two slices of American cheese and toss them on the sandwich (Gleason & Culinary Institute of America, 2015).  Ensure that you cook until the cheese melts or the bread turn to be golden brown. 
  • Equally, one can prepare cannabutter, and apply it to the outside part of the bread. The next step is to add cheese and cook. It is part of the process to toast the bread using a toaster and the four slices of packaged cheese that is pre-sliced.
  •  Place the cheese on toast and leave it in the microwave for about 15 to 30 seconds. Add a fin of cannabis and put it inside the micro-wave until when it melts.  

Preparation Time

During preparation of this type of sandwich, an individual need to take five minutes. Cooking the sandwich until when it turns golden brown in color takes approximately 15 minutes. In overall, the entire preparation will take 20 minutes. In this process, the chef will require a bowl, mixing spoon to combine the ingredients and the oven.


Cooking the sandwich requires the chef to use medium heat in preheating the skillet. It is essential to apply one side of the bread using butter. In this process, one should place the butter section of the bread on the bottom of the skillet. At this point, it is important to add one slice of cheese. Take the second slice of bread and apply butter on its side. After that, put the section with butter up and ensure that it is on the top of the sandwich (Moriarty, 2011).

The procedure that follows is to grill until when it appears lightly brown and flip it over, Proceed with the grilling to the point that the cheese melts. Repeat the process with the two slices of bread that are remaining. This should go together with the slice of cheese and butter. In preparation of the grilled cheese cannabis sandwiches, it is recommended to use any type of cheese. However, the cheese should not be used in plenty. The sandwich can only be perfect if the cheese and bread is prepared in a balanced way.

Visual Aid

This is the image of the grilled cheese sandwich;

Reflection Memo

The purpose of this piece is to provide a recipe that guides individuals to prepare sandwiches that are made up of Grilled Cheese Cannabis. Sandwiches are a combination of the ingredients such as bread, cheese and butter. In this case, cannabis is part of the ingredients. Preparing sandwich is simple because it does not require plenty of utensils and it can also be served by hand. Sandwiches can replace a meal and save on the need of carrying cooking utensils which is tiresome. In this regard, eating a sandwich does not require cutlery or crockery. The hand is usually in contact with dry side of the bread hence it prevents the person from being smeared with butter (Gleason & Culinary Institute of America, 2015). The fact that it is easy to handle sandwiches has made it appropriate for them to be eaten at home and in the office environment.

Sandwiches prepared with the same ingredients usually have the same taste whether they are served at snack bars or at home. It is only in the culinary scale that is high up whereby the delicacies lack flavor. This is because they lack the coffin lid when being served on bread.

The advantage of preparing a sandwich is that the methods are not complicated. It is easy for anyone to mix the ingredients to come up with the required mixture. Furthermore, it does not take plenty of time to get it ready (Moriarty, 2011). For instance, in this case where we are preparing grilled cheese cannabis sandwiches, varies methods apply. In essence, ingredients matter in making this type of sandwiches to end up with a great taste.


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