Sample Nutrition Essay Paper on White Caucasian

White Caucasian

White Caucasian is a group of people who were historically regarded as a birth taxon, who include all of the populations of Europe. They consider self-responsibility in that individuals control their own fates. White Caucasian in universal and it has a logical, problem solving education style.  The staple foods differ due to their different cultures before but some of the common sources of food are cow, chicken and pig products.

This race diet will mostly comprise of proteins like meat of cow’s meat and milk, pigs, chicken, chicken eggs and turkey. The vegetables and carbohydrates include wheat, maize, potato, sugar, cow’s milk, beer, chicken eggs. If I am lucky, I will be able to come with cow’s meat, bread and fried potatoes. Religion is a private matter where most people are but mostly Protestant and they live based on the teachings of the Bible. As Protestants, they do not have special or universal food beliefs.

The Native American culture I will concentrate on is the Coushatta peoples who come from South America in the following states Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. Religions are too complex and customarily sensitive where they have medicine men that are in contact with spiritual world.  Their staple food is corn which is one of the dominant ingredients in several South American meals which include tamales and arepas. Other foods in this society will rely on local ingredients, such as quinoa, sweet or hot peppers, tropical fruit, meat and Yuca. Yuca is an eatable root of a plant, and it has a similar in taste and texture to the potato. These diet gives the people enough energy for the day to day activities.