Sample Nutrition Essay Paper on Examination of a pre-exercise, High Energy Supplement on Exercise Performance

Examination of a pre-exercise, High Energy Supplement on Exercise Performance


For an athlete it is very important to consider nutrition and ensure there is a balanced diet to be healthy. The performance of an athlete is not only determined by the activity muscle building activities undertaken, but also the nutritional value of the food they consume on a daily basis. An athlete with a poorly laid out nutrition tend to perform poorly compared to athletes with a well and elaborate planned nutrition (Jurek, 2012).This essay  analysis the activities, age and any health conditions and finally designing the menu for the athlete.

In planning for the athlete’s nutrition, it is important to first answer some question to ensure the right nutrition prescription. What is the best plan to ensure that the athlete perform maximally in the field? Is there a possibility of perfecting the athlete diet? Does the plan take into account all the meals are not missing in any vital nutrient? What options are there in case the athlete does not have time to prepare his or her own meals? Finally, does the athlete have an alternative which allows him/her create the time to prepare the meal? Answering these questions will enable one to make the best menu for the athlete.

The athlete to be considered in this case is an endurance athlete. Endurance athletes spend time thinking deeply and have a special masculine body and a different thinking mind (Cassel & Linne, 2011). The interview with the endurance athlete was with a male athlete aged 46 years and weighs 74 kilograms. The height of the athlete is around 168 centimeters and from the analysis, he had a body composition of 17 percent. Furthermore, the anaerobic power of the athlete is 10.65Wkg and had a body energy expenditure of 1900kcal/day.

The menu prepared for the athlete will consist of breakfast, training time snack, lunch and dinner. For breakfast, the athlete should have oatmeal, flax meal, Eggs, peanut butter mixed with grain bagel, yogurt, pancakes and fresh fruit such as bananas. For snacks, he should have the following,  raisins, peanuts, Fruit shake, roasted beef, cottage cheese, cereals, combined with milk and vegetables. Finally, for dinner and lunch, he should have, wheat crust, wheat bread, meat, lentil soup, Vegetables pasta, and a salad that has oil based dressing (Hoffman & Jay, 2009).


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