Sample Nutrition Essay Paper on Diet Report

            The total daily dietary requirement is based on the basal rate of metabolism and the calorific expenditure per day. Consumption of fewer calories sends the body into a fasting mode resulting in over-utilization of the energy reserves in the body. On the other hand, consumption of more calories results in the storage of fats within the adipose tissues of the body. My average nutrient consumptions can be said to be less than the target amounts in most instances. Even when the amounts taken in are not under the target values, they are rarely above those values. In fact the percentage of times when my nutrient intake is above the recommended value is less than 4% of the total times counted. This goes for all nutrients. Similarly, my consumption of minerals and vitamins is low as more than 92% of the minerals and vitamins were reported to be under- consumed.

            Based on the results obtained, it is clear that various dietary changes will have to be made in order for me to be capable of achieving the daily calorific targets. For instance, the intake of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and linoleic acid will have to be increased while that of saturated fats has to go down. This can be achieved through consumption of more plant legumes such as beans, meats, various wheat products as well as any foods that provide carbohydrates in large quantities and nuts such as peanuts and groundnuts. On the other hand, fast foods such as fries and sausages which offer high amounts of saturated fats will have to be reduced. Consumption of vegetables and fruits in large quantities will help me increase the mineral and vitamin intakes significantly. While making the food choices, I will have to seriously consider factors such as daily energy expenditure and availability of foods since I have to work within my cost constraints.