Sample Nutrition Essay on Documentary Reflection

Documentary Reflection


There are various reflections from the documentary. First, adjusting eating patterns can be quite a big challenge meaning it is critically important to showcase that every choice made in food is a formula to help one shift towards practicing a healthy eating habit. The eating patterns currently undertaken and consumed by both the Americans and U.K does not follow the Dietary Guidelines when compared to healthy style patterns from the clip it is clearly evident that about three-quarters of the time the population consumes food that is low in fruits and vegetables. It is also evident that people from both of the countries highly exceed the recommended levels of saturated fats, added sugars and sodium, besides the fact that the eating style of many is exceedingly high in calories. Though the high percentage of the obese in the U.S show that a higher percentage of the American citizens consume calories as compared to the U.K counterparts. 

There are various stressors faced by parents while attempting to change food habits. They include snacking all the time, this means that the child will not be hungry when meal time comes, this prevents the child from learning to recognize when full and when hungry. The other is kids refusing to eat vegetables which are a great source of vitamins A and C plus fiber. It is also important for a child to grow up knowing that vegetables are connected to a healthy diet, healthy body weight and helps lower risks of getting some diseases. Consumption of too much sugar, even though kids are born with an affinity to sugar, the added sugar such as those found in snacks, sweets and desserts provide a lot of calories with less nutrition.

There are various changes involved in fixing of diets. In order to fix bad eating habits, one need to start by making small changes in their diet by taking some of various steps as beginning the day with a nutritious breakfast and avoiding the eating junk. The other would be learning to adapt to eating only when hungry and drinking more water as opposed to sugary drinks. Reducing portion sizes by20% and trying to lower fat dairy products would also be beneficial.

Eating habits are highly influenced by the socio-economic environment that is not in support of making healthy food choices. This is regarded as food Politics. Because of financial might and enormous influence over the masses, some of the organizations have managed to influence how people eat, this they achieve by the way they do their advertisements, having the presence in schools, media, and civic life among other avenues. The same also apply to the government who instead of safeguarding the citizen’s health they safeguard the financial interest of the big corporations