Sample Nursing Research Paper on Thinking on Paper

Week Three Journal

This week content entailed the process of coming up or rather developing a reflective essay as a way of entertaining an individual writer’s curiosity. In doing so, one has to make a choice of an occasion. The writer thinks of a relevant point in his/her life that helped him/her come up some opinions. The person has to make the particular chosen occasion to be as real as possible; making it more alive for the reader (Montante, 2004). The entire experience has to be made a thought provoking by the individual writer to the targeted reader. It involves posting a question by the writer, concerning the reason as to why he/she has developed curiosity about it. The writer has to undertake some research with the prime objective of finding out what others think about the chosen topic. It must have a conclusion that shows significant developments his/her raised concern.

This content entails coming up with some guidelines and procedures, which are provided with respect to the whole methodology of making a reflection that is entirely free from argumentation (Montante, 2004). It instead becomes relevant in conveying a message or messages that relates to what the writer in question experiences giving the reader an opportunity to move in a minder-way as per the thoughts of the author. Therefore, the reflective essay provides a description of the occasion for reflection and later on develops various interrogative statements, among other questions concerning the whole paper.

In the process of understanding this, an individual writer gets himself/herself in a position to come up with a quite simple way of communicating matters relating to his/her past experiences on an event. The write can find out other people’s thoughts on the essay and establish whether he/she is making an interesting article or not. As a result of this, an individual gain or realize the value of entertaining his/her curiosity rather than getting involved in an argument (Montante, 2004).


Montante, S. (2004). Thinking on Paper. Literary Cavalcade, 57(3), 36-37. The Walden Library databases.