Sample Nursing Research Paper on Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, (PVHMC) study

PVHMC Study.

Research and study Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, (PVHMC) in Pomona California. SPECIFICALLY, the adult ICU step-down unit, answers the following 2 section questions.

SECTION 1 (1 .5 page)

Define outcomes, predictors, current or potential confounders, and/ or effect modifiers that the clinical site (PVHMC-ICU step-down) is measuring. It may include the quality, safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, cost, efficiency, and/ or equity of healthcare. Include reference.

SECTION 2 (1.5 Pages)

Discuss the transparency of facility data on safety and quality measurements. No reference is required, this is an assessment piece on whether you were able to locate data or if was it “hidden” and difficult to access.