Sample Nursing Research Paper on Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Prioritization and Health Management

NURS 150: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Prioritization and Health Management


This assignment will prepare students to organize and deliver safe and competent care for clients and their families in actual situations. Students will utilize the skills and knowledge gained about selected health challenges in this course to create a Critical Thinking Framework. This will include identification of priority data, clinical manifestations, nursing diagnosis, evidence-based interventions and available resources. Students will demonstrate knowledge of critical thinking,

prioritization, problem solving, and health management skills upon completion of this assignment.


Learning Outcomes

Case studies used for this assignment will present realistic situations that nurses commonly encounter in diverse practice settings. Students must display evidence of collaboration with

clients and families which will include mutually agreed upon plan of care. Students will therefore, develop skills to provide safe and competent care in actual situations.


Assignment Guidelines

There are two (2) parts to this assignment:

  • Part A: Critical Thinking Framework

o  Must be typewritten into the Framework provided below and submitted along with your Scholarly Paper

  • Part B: Critical Thinking Scholarly Paper


Part A

The Nursing Critical Thinking Framework must include:


  • Identify, analyze, interpret and record relevant data from the case study.
  • Identify Etiology, Risk Factors &
  • Identify Clinical Manifestations, minimum of five (5) must include physiological and psychosocial (actual or potential).
  • Selected clinical manifestations must first be relevant data from the case-study. Additional data may be obtained from the


Nursing Diagnosis: Identify three (3) priority-nursing diagnoses related to the case study (actual or potential) from the NANDA nursing diagnoses list. Nursing diagnoses must include physiological and psychosocial aspects. At least one nursing diagnosis must be psychosocial.


Priority Nursing Interventions:

  • Identify five (5) evidence-based interventions that relate to each nursing diagnosis
  • Interventions include treatment or illness prevention strategies such as health teaching, drug therapy, nutritional therapy and other nursing interventions
  • Collaborative practice must be included to demonstrate a clear understanding of the roles/responsibilities of members within the interdisciplinary team
  • Evidence of collaboration with clients and families must be included in the nursing care plan and if required, modification of desired outcomes are also included
  • Community resources and services that would benefit the client should be included
  • Discuss the evidence-based rationales justifying your selections and describe if modification of the plan of care is required


Critical Thinking Framework

  • A maximum of one (1) page


  • Standard size paper (8.5 x11)
  • Electronic format only


The Critical Thinking Framework must include scholarly in-text citations


Part B

Scholarly Written Paper

  • From the Critical Thinking Framework, select the one (1)pathway that is a priority
  • Include an introduction and a conclusion in this paper
  • Identify relevant data from the case study and provide rationales
  • Select only two (2) clinical manifestations from the same pathway
  • Discuss the significance of the two selected clinical manifestations and provide rationales
  • Select only one (1) priority nursing diagnosis from the same pathway
  • Discuss the significance of the one (1) priority nursing diagnosis and provide rationales
  • Select three (3) priority client centered interventions from the same pathway
  • Discuss the significance of the three (3) priority client-centred interventions and provide rationales
  • Identify two (2) client-centered resources/services (such as Heart and Stroke foundation, Alzheimer’s Society, Canadian Cancer Society, )
  • Discuss how these client-centered resources would benefit the client and provide rationales for your selections


Essay style, length: A maximum of five (5) pages and minimum of 4 pages (this excludes title and reference page)

References: A minimum of four (4) evidence-based references are required Value: This assignment is worth 20% of the final course mark


Format for Submitting Assignment


  1. All parts of the assignment (Framework and Scholarly Paper) must be
  2. Students must adhere to APA current edition
  3. Assignment must be submitted on SafeAssign in Blackboard Ultra for grading
  4. The penalty for late submission of assignments is a deduction of 20% per day of the original assignment value (weekends count as two (2) days). Assignments submitted five (5) days after the due date will not be
  5. Assignments must be submitted as instructed by the professor
  6. Assignments submitted after Friday midnight, will be subjected to a two (2)-day penalty for the weekend