Sample Nursing Project Paper on Dissemination of the Project Results

Dissemination of the Project Results

            To disseminate effectively the results of the project to key stakeholders, the researchers need to use PowerPoint presentations. This can be during a formal meeting of the executive board members, nursing directors and the main medical administrators. Handouts would also be applicable in situations where there is a formal meeting for the stakeholders. After verification and approval by medical executive board, the results of the project can be published online in the website of the institution and the medical board. Another approach is to send a soft copy to each of the stakeholder’s address. This can be after publication of the research in the medical website. Oral presentations can also be applied during the educative meetings and annual competency meetings involving the stakeholders.

Majority of the hospitalized patients admitted for alcohol dependence suffer withdrawal symptoms for long before the medical practitioners can detect any signs (Chaney & Gerard, 2003). This study highlights early signs and symptoms realized in such patients. Hence, nurses are able to establish an effective treatment plan to reduce mortality rate and the care cost. In addition to this, nurses are able to set up safety measures for themselves and other medical professionals and patients (Chaney & Gerard, 2003). The safety measures are necessary when a patient experiencing withdrawal symptoms may become violent and intolerant. Lastly, this study is significant for the nurses as they are equipped with the skills for making a program, which is to categorize and deal with alcohol withdrawal within the community. The programs can assume the form of charts and audit tool for the first risk examination and development. This program is expected to incorporate treatment interventions for the management of the identified patient.


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