Sample Nursing Paper on Translation of Evidence for Advanced Practice

For this assignment the student will prepare an evidence-based synthesis paper using APA format, including the use of appropriate headings. Must include a minimum of 10 references including:

  • At least 5 research
  • Remaining 5 required references include other forms of evidence (systematic reviews and QI, QA, DNP projects).


The paper is expected to be 10-15 pages in length. The title page and the references do not count toward the page requirements. The paper should include the following:


From the introduction paper:

 Introduction (including nursing situation), This should be the background

  1. Purpose statement

(The introduction and purpose statement paper that was graded and must reflect faculties edits and recommended changes)

Clinical Question will be asked, and we can discuss the question in class Synthesis of the literature review which supports the clinical question

  • Appraisal of the literature (from the evidence table and additional sources as needed). This is the evidence to support the intervention you are recommending to address the clinical problem

Conceptual or theoretical framework

  • Description of chosen framework(s)
  1. Theory of caring and translation model
  • Specify how concepts are applied
  • Graphic representation of framework Recommendation for practice change

Implementation plan using a specific translation model Measurable outcomes based on question, intervention and conceptual or theoretical framework


Please note: The evidence table will not be included as an appendix in this assignment.


Power Point Presentation or Poster Presentation (100 points/15% of grade)


Each student will present a synthesis of the evidence. Each student will present a 10-15- minute narrated PowerPoint presentation or Poster Presentation to their group. The following information should be included in the presentation:

  • Background/introduction provided on identified issue/problem (including nursing situation).