Sample Nursing Paper on Specialty Practice in Public Health Nursing


The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) is a professional body which gives license to nurses. There major roles and responsibilities are to define the scope of training and set standards for occupation and environmental health practices. AAOHNs mandate is to promote the health and safety of work and workplace communities, among other duties. Some of the competency methods used during AAOHN phase-out include; (Goto 59) self-growth competency, OH nursing essence perpetuation, strategic planning, and duty fulfillment, coordination, client growth support, team empowerment, and creative competency. By using this competency’s, a structured diagram is classified, to break down this competency phase out.

The responsibility of Occupational and Environmental Nurses (OHNs) include; case management; OHNs regularly interrelate and manage the care of the ill and injured workers. Their roles as case managers have become more elegant with the coordination and management of work-related and non-work-related injuries and illnesses. The second role of OHNs is the Counseling and crisis intervention; Besides counseling workers about work-related illnesses and injuries, OHNs often counsel issues such as substance abuse, psychosocial needs, wellness/health promotion concerns, and other health or work-related concerns. OHNs is also involved in Health promotion and risk reduction: OHNs design programs that support positive lifestyle changes and individual efforts to lower risks of disease and injury and the creation of an environment that provides a sense of balance among work, family, personal, health, and psychosocial concerns.

A good occupational health surveillance program remains crucial in that its main agenda in the medical surveillance program, it ensures that workers are healthy and make sure that employers meet OSHA standards in health and safety. It is essential for nurses to continue reviewing relevant epidemiologic studies because it can contribute to a general improvement in health and health care services. Through a better understanding of disease etiology, use of health care services and the role of different health care interventions.

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