Sample Nursing Paper on Review and Analysis of Organizational Policy on Seizure Management

Write a 7 page paper that includes a review and analysis of an organizational on seizure management policy (preferably Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, in california) in the context of county, state, and/or federal laws and regulations.
• Review an organizational policy that supports or needs to be revised based on their practice improvement project.
• Seek out county, state, or federal regulations and laws that influence or require the selected policy.
• Analyze the organizational policy, governmental regulations and laws, and the evidence from current literature supporting your proposed change.
• Identify the strengths and gaps in this organizational policy.
o What areas of the policy need to change?
o What are the benefits of the change?
o What are the risks if there is no change?
o How would you advocate for this change?
• Use APA format with a cover page, reference page, and appendix when appropriate. Utilize evidence-based, peer-reviewed journals. Only selected websites will be accepted as evidence sources. Do not use Wikipedia or for references or citations.
Sample of Format
Title Page
Title of Paper [on first page of paper] Introduction to Paper
Review of Organizational Policy [heading] Overview of policy
County, State, and/or Federal laws/regulations that may influence or mandate need for organizational policy
Review of policy that supports or needs revision based on QI project in context of county, state, and/or federal laws
Analysis [heading] Identify strengths and gaps in organizational policy
Identify any needed areas of policy change to support practice change proposed
Discuss risks and benefits of policy change
Advocating for change [heading] Briefly identify how to advocate for policy change within one’s clinical organization
Outline steps to make policy change happen, including people and committees involved.
Conclusion to Paper
References [reference page title] Appendices (if applicable) [if more than one, list in order presented in paper]