Sample Nursing Paper on Policy & politics in nursing and health care

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From my experience healthcare has much staff diversity, therefore when delivering a message, particularly if it involves health policy and politics, there must be steps taken to communicate effectively and strategically. Mason et al. (2021) suggests five steps for strategic communication which will go beyond just the sharing of information. Firstly, the person needs to analyze their audience. This means they must go beyond knowing their first name. It will be important to understand a person’s titles, morals, values, belief system. If this is a group, understand the position and relationships these people among each other (Mason et al., 2021). Secondly, the person should clearly define for themselves the end goal of their conversation. It is to persuade, inform, advocate? This will guide them in the next step, which is the determination of means (Mason et al., 2021). Mason et al. (2021) describes this as the way you will deliver this conversation. What tools, data, and methods will be used to influence the audience. Is this way of delivery something that can be accomplished, and do you have the correct information that relates to your end goal of the conversation (Mason et al., 2021). Next, formulate a clear and concise plan. Reflect on your topic of discussion and what has been already done. If there were barriers previously met, can you work through them and provide alternatives measures to achieve the goals of your conversation (Mason et al., 2021). Lastly, you should assess your plan. You should analyze the cost of your proposal or project. If it is time consuming, do you have the means and resources for this? Will you have a way to handle potential consequences? Should you bring along other like and non-likeminded members to increase the diversity and innovation of your project? (Mason et al., 2021). These steps can really prepare you for conversations to ensure you are effectively getting your points across. Influencing policy and politics can be a big task, so being able to deliver a clear and concise message is important to influence people who may be closed minded to your idea at first.

Like healthcare diversity can make policies and politics difficult, it can also create conflict in the workplace. It is also important to be truthful, clear, and to start the conversation with the tough message. This builds trust as the person you are conversing with knows upfront the conflict and allows the conversation to be concise and direct (Angelo, 2019). Furthermore, to be concise, using the steps previously mentioned allows for adequate preparedness. Additionally, if you are assessing your plan in step five, it will also help you prepare for the reaction. This can prepare you for the potential denial or defensiveness you may face and help you to continue to manage and control the tone and direction of the conversation; which hopefully ends with conflict resolution.


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