Sample Nursing Paper on Performance Appraisal and Disciplinary Action

Performance Appraisal and Disciplinary Action

Question 1

            Performance appraisal is important in making the workers feel valued by the organization. It grants the management the opportunity to give the employees feedback regarding their achievements and motivate them to work harder and smarter. Employees are likely to appreciate it when their decent work is recognized, and reward makes it possible to retain hard-working staff. The appraisal is an excellent opportunity to set new goals for the employees (Ismail & Rishani, 2018). The previous performance evaluation of the employees reveals their strengths and achievable targets. Appraisal defines direction of improvement and resolves the grievances of the employees. Such measure makes the employees feel heard and have a sense of belonging to the organization. If the employees have ongoing projects, this is an opportune time to monitor and review the progress of the work in the organization.

Question 2

            Other factors that are included in an annual performance appraisal in addition to the work and goals achieved by the worker are the relationship with peers and the general feedback of clients. The relationship between the workers in a health facility determines how comfortable and pleasant it is to work in the facility. The interaction between the health workers and the clients determines how effective the care will be (Ismail & Rishani, 2018). When the cooperation is positive, the health outcomes improve. Regarding disciplinary measures, positive approaches should be applied as opposed to punitive ones. This is done to encourage employees to improve performance. Disciplinary actions include putting the employees on probation, introducing mandatory training, and making realignment of objectives for a particular employee among others. The employees should be made to feel that the disciplinary measure is introduced to help him/her improve and not been punished for poor performance.


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