Sample Nursing Paper on PAHO study

I need a proposal put together for a PAHO study
Include: Short introduction of North Eleuthera Three Island Dock

Human Resource Personnel (Need to train persons to swab for COVID-19)
Inform Stakeholders: Port Authority, Island Administrator, Police Department, Clinic heads, Businesses, Community at Large
Items/Equipment Needed:
Tables, chairs, tents that are enclosed, signage, table cloths, napkins, mosquito/insect repellent, hand sanitizer, garbage, garbage bags (hazardous), PPE’s (gloves, shields, foot covering etc), lap tops (excel document), portable chargers, solar operated fans, pens, pencils, note books, lighting for night shifts, water & water cooler, disinfectant wipes, cellphones, policy & procedure manual for study and operation of administering tests
Please give rationales for having the same done.
Create budget (you can use prices from amazon please)
See attached as a guide
Give/state deliverables (study that will observe the amount of people that voluntary will be swabbed and tested for COVID-19.
Please ensure that the words are used appropriately