Sample Nursing Paper on Leadership

A leader should have confidence in self and in the system they propagate. They should exhibit astuteness even in the wake of making poor or wrong decisions. By remaining calm during such periods, do Poised leadership requires honesty and integrity. The leader has to embellish these characteristics to ensure accountability to the citizenry. Integrity guarantees fairness, equality, and an appreciation of the law by a regime. Doglegs associated with corruption and lacking ethics undermine a leader’s regime.

they win the confidence and trust from subordinates and critics alike. 

A leader has to inspire the populace to a certain course. By setting an example and leading from the front despite the circumstances, a leader wins the trust of the people. Leaders stir confidence in the populace by maintaining calm and remaining positive. Successes in war are in part realized psychologically; a leader should make the people believe in the bigger picture despite the imminent quagmires.

Born into royalty to King Phillip II and schooled by Aristotle, Alexander was the greatest military commander and leader of his time. At 16 years he quelled an uprising in Thrace in the king’s absence. Young Alexander exercised patience and learned tactics of war and leadership from his father during the battles of Chaeronea. Through consolidating and inspiring his armies he managed to defeat and subdue the Persians and collapse the Persian Empire. That he achieved through a series of battles where the prince of Persia, Darius III, was killed.

Through planning and consultation with his army generals, Alexander made and fortified a tactically sound military force. His dynamic and open leadership practicum endeared him to the populace including finding favor from those whose lands he had conquered. By embellishing wisdom innate of leadership he forged strategic alliances that helped strengthen his empire including alliance with Porus of Hydaspes.