Sample Nursing Paper on Integrative-Interactive vs. Unitary-Transformative Paradigm Discussion Board Guidelines

Integrative-Interactive vs. Unitary-Transformative Paradigm Discussion Board Guidelines

(Post and Crosspost required)


Follow the directions for the assignment. Keep the focus on the intent of the assignment and do not allow yourself to drift too far. The following critical elements should guide your postings:

Prepare for the assignment by reviewing the unit content and resources. Students should demonstrate graduate level understanding and analysis of the concepts and the relationships among ideas, identifying hidden assumptions or fallacies in reasoning. Students should support their statements with expert opinion through a literature search validating thinking and/or broadening perspectives/ understanding of the content. Cross posts should elaborate upon the ideas of others or content found in the readings/keynotes by adding details, examples, a different viewpoint, or other relevant information. The cross posts should provide original insights or responses which integrates multiple views. (Just saying ditto, I agree, or restating the original post is not considered elaboration.) There should be evaluation and feedback which assesses the accuracy, reasonableness, or quality of idea, and provides constructive feedback to classmates.


The original post and cross posts should provide reflection and meaning by describing thoughtfully what the idea means, uncovering new insights. The cross posts may raise questions as to what needs further clarification or discussion. Personal or professional experiences may be integrated into the cross posts, but are not the sole purpose of the cross



The initial post should be entered by the due date indicated in the course schedule which will allow time for classmates to respond. Both cross posts must be submitted to the forum by the due date posted in the course schedule. The author should monitor their posts and respond to cross posts from others.


Assignment requirements:

For the Integrative-Interactive Paradigm discussion, each student will post an initial post of no more than 500-750 words in the forum. Students must post in the forum before they can view other posts.  Each student will then cross post to at least 1 other student contributing to a robust class discussion. Cross posts should be between 100-200 words each. While you are required to cross post to at least 1 of your classmates for each discussion, if you choose to do so you may respond to as many of your classmates as you like.



Each topic or thread posted can include multiple entries, but only 1 grade will be given.  Scores range from 0-5, and are based on the rubric below.  Five is the highest score possible but the instructor may award up to 1 additional point for EXCEPTIONAL contributions. A cross post is required for this discussion.