Sample Nursing Paper on How Do Various Factors Influence Health In Your Community

How Do Various Factors Influence Health In Your Community?

            A society’s health status can be influenced by several factors for instance individual, interpersonal, community and environmental factors. An example of the environmental factors that trigger diseases in the society includes extreme ultraviolet rays and poor hygiene due to air and water pollution. According to Greer et al. (2016), the individual factors that cause disease include lifestyles such as smoking and alcoholism, poor diets or stress. Interpersonal reasons that influence the health status of a community include eating disorders and depression. Community factors that trigger illness, on the other hand, include radiation and exposure to toxic substances for instance chemicals sued in households. The elements that have intense effects on the community’s health status currently, are the individual factors that include unhealthy lifestyles such as drug use. The factors that trigger illness least in the society are the community factors such as exposure to radiation and other toxic substance form products that human beings use in their daily lives.

            Out of the several health indicators, for instance, physical activity and obesity, drug, alcohol, and tobacco use, mental health, the incidence of violence and injury, environmental issues and access to health care, drug use has the most significant impact on health and wellness in the society today. Mass media platforms have been widely employed to give exposure to how dangerous drug use is to a society’s health status (Park et al., 2015). Some of the social media channels used include newspapers, televises and radios. These techniques have proven to be highly effective especially to the target audience that is the youths. Televisions, for instance, air shows that aim at teaching young individuals about the dangers of using drugs and the effects of such lifestyles on one’s health. Such media platforms are therefore educative, and their passive nature allows them to achieve the set objective.


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