Sample Nursing Paper on Expository Artefact

1) Your expository artefact will showcase your ability to fully explain a topic related to teaching and learning. You may present your explanation as a traditional scholarly paper (approximately 5 pages excluding title and reference pages). Or you may present your explanation in a non-traditional format using social media.

2) Whatever format you use, ensure that you integrate a complete collection of scholarly references. These references will ground your explanation of existing ideas and arguments.

3) For an example of an expository artefact in the form of a journal article, see Melrose, S. (2017). Pass/Fail and discretionary grading: A snapshot of their influences on learning. Open Journal of Nursing, 7(2),185-192.

4) Apply the APA Manual format.

5) Grading criteria will address the clarity, content, organization, style, and overall impact of your writing.