Sample Nursing Paper on Advanced Practice Nurse

Advanced Practice Nurse

Healthy People 2030 Goals

The Healthy People 2030 goals set a vital vision of providing quality healthcare for everyone. The objectives are ambitious and give an overview of improving the health of the country. These objectives are aimed at eliminating health disparities to achieve health equity (Pronk et al., 2020). Health people set an agenda that instructs the nation on resource allocation for health promotion.

These objectives, however, need improvements in a few areas. Health people, objectives do not address social determinants of health. People grow, work, and live in different conditions that have a great effect on their health levels. For example, people, working in mining sites may be predisposed to breathing problems due to dust. Failing to provide a framework addressing this challenge makes it difficult to provide improved healthcare for the country.

Healthy people objectives have an insufficient model to address disparities in health. Some people are healthier in the country as compared to others. Health differences are caused by different levels of health access due to inequitable health development in the country. Overall, the Healthy People 2030 goals are vital for providing a vision for improved health care, however, they could be improved for more success.

Guidelines for Modifiable Risk Factors

Advanced practice nurses recommend maintaining healthy body weight. Obesity, for instance, predisposes an individual to a greater risk of cardiovascular diseases. Individuals must eat a proper diet to maintain proper body weight. People with the right body weight manage to control many diseases and conditions


Maintaining physical activity is also advised for all individuals. Regular physical activity reduces the risks of developing diseases. Moreover, physical activity reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Lastly, it improves mental health and mood. Nurses offer these guidelines to encourage a healthy lifestyle.




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