Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse


            The main reason why I chose the nursing career is that I have a genuine love for working with other people as well as taking care of them. When I was a child, I had kidney issues, and the problem made me apprehensive. The physicians treated me well. However, they hardly spent quality time with me. The nurses, on the other hand, took their time to help my family and me and answered all my questions. The experience vastly aroused the interest in becoming a nurse one day as I desired to be that person who offers aid to others during their lowest moments. Growing up, I also had a desire to engage in a profession that is intriguing and challenging and one that creates a difference around the world. The nursing career gives an individual the chance to deal with various components of healthcare for the patients, and I believed I would enjoy the schedules. I also figured out that families go through difficulties when one of them is faced with illness, and I chose to become a nurse as I believed helping such families would give me inner satisfaction.

            My mother used to be a nurse and growing up, I would see the satisfaction and happiness she got daily by assisting people in her profession, and this influenced me to become a nurse as well. I, therefore, discovered at a very young age that the nursing career was something I desired to pursue later in life. As a young child, I watched my mother take good care of me, and as a nurse, she also had a passion for helping and taking care of other individuals. There was no time my mother refused to assist a person who reached to her for care or help. Family members from both my father’s and mother’s side would call my mum for assistance in case one of them fell ill or got injured. I enjoyed watching her help people and seeing how people loved being helped by her. Growing up, I felt like I had these features and that I would become a competent nurse as well. Just like my mother, I desired to help other individuals and be around them generally, and this vastly influenced me to become a nurse.

            My partner is very positive about my career as there are many benefits to enjoy from my nursing profession. One of the things that my partner enjoys about me being a nurse is the passionate care I have towards the family, as caring for people is the primary aim of my career. My lover also enjoys my nursing profession as I am an attentive listener and this vastly aids us to solve our issues effectively, boosting understanding and strengthening our bond. My partner is also glad that I am a nurse as I am very patient, as the nature of my profession requires incredible patience. Throughout our relationship, my nursing skills make it easy for me to detect when things are wrong or when we both need to worry about our direction and this helps us solve challenges before they even affect us. Nursing also entails teamwork and being an excellent team player. My partner vastly benefits from my career as we can handle issues together, which boosts trust and understanding.


            After being done with my nursing field, I would desire to be a Geriatrician due to the passion I have for the elderly. The current health system does not offer adequate assistance to the elderly, and thus I would choose to specialize in Geriatrics to provide care to them and ensure their health status improves.