Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Use of Herbal Medicine for Cancer Therapy

Use of Herbal Medicine for Cancer Therapy

Cancer is a health condition whereby unusual cells increase rapidly in the body. It involves abnormal and uncontrolled division and rapid growth of body cells. At present, cancer is one of the killer diseases in the whole planet. The rate at which it is taking the lives of individuals is rapidly increasing (Chandra, 2018). Because of the menace brought about by this illness, people make different steps to treat and try to curb it. Different health facilities offer different measures and therapies to help control this disease in the cells. People have come up with different strategies, and one of them is the use of herbs.

The author claims that the use of herbal medicine as a therapy for cancer has considerably gained popularity among the patients (Chandra, 2018). It is preferred as they argue that it blocks the essential biochemical process of these cancer cells divisions. Individuals who have this illness or condition mostly utilize herbs as they do not affect the other healthy cells that are not yet infected. Also, they have no notable side effects of the herbs when they use them.

In many years, people living with cancer have used modern methods and ways to treat the illness, but this is very expensive for most people. Surgery together with radiotherapy in many cases, eliminate these cells. Those who cannot afford the costs tend to use alternative treatment method by using certain herbs. Some of the commonly used herbs are, Cissus quadrangularis, Psoralea corylifolia, Capsicum annuum among many others. (Chandra, 2018).  

Several natural herbs are beneficial in curbing and effective management of cancer.  As much as these herbaceous plants are being used for cancer treatment, more research needs to be done to help come up with proper and effective therapy to help eliminate cancer in our society completely. If we have adequate knowledge of the appropriate plants to be used and the safety, then we are good to go.


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