Sample Nursing Essay Paper on The Transcultural Nursing Model

The Transcultural Nursing Model

Transcultural nursing is an integral segment in modern medicine due to the growing heterogeneity of patient populace. As such nurses need to be conversant with the changing perceptions and degree of tolerance for healthcare since numerous individuals from different culture and ethnicity use medical facilities (Albougami, Pounds & Alotaibi, 2016). Equally, acquisition of sufficient knowledge concerning the diverse cultural background by the physicians is vital in performing holistic client assessment. The transcultural nursing models include Leininger sunrise, Giger and Davidhizar transcultural assessment, Purnell theory for cultural competence, and Campinha-Bacote system. 

Purnell Theory for Cultural Competence

The Purnell theory mainly offers a foundation for understanding the different cultural traits thereby, enabling healthcare practitioners to sufficiently observe clients attributes such as notions about an illness. The model is divided into twelve segments which include a person’s heritage, communication, family structure and responsibility, workforce matters, bio-cultural ecology, and high-risk practices (Albougami, Pounds & Alotaibi, 2016). Furthermore, the concept entails nutritional activities, pregnancy, death rites, spirituality, healthcare activities, and health professionals within the society.

Application of the Model

During my healthcare practice, I will involve the Purnell theory to acquire more information concerning a patient illness. The process will be conducted through an interview in which the outcome will help in understanding the disease causal factor and knowing the appropriate medication to offer. For instance, the pregnancy domain will assist in being conversant with the patient’s societal fertility behaviors, techniques of birth control, notion towards pregnancy, and taboos associated with the condition.


Transcultural nursing is an essential segment in current medication due to the rising level of heterogeneity among patients. The Purnell theory is among the four concepts of transcultural nursing in which the model offers an understanding of the patient’s cultural traits thereby enabling sufficient provision of medication. The Purnell principle is organized into twelve domains such as nutrition, heritage, communication, pregnancy, health professionals, and death customs. 


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