Sample Nursing Essay Paper on The Impact Of Concussion On The Adolescent Brain

Week 3 Discussion

Discuss the impact of concussion on the adolescent brain

Adolescents present highest cases of concussions more than any other subgroups in a population. This is largely because they are often involved in sports and high risk activities. Additionally, they have multiple school responsibilities and busy schedules requiring the use of brain. The impact of concussion on the adolescent brain is the derailment of academic and social responsibilities in school. Furthermore, brain functioning is largely affected because studies from other quarters suggest that adolescents tend to have slower resolutions than their adult counterparts (CDC, 2017). Concussion causes the movement of brain inside the skull thereby damaging and stretching cell in addition to altering chemical composition.  Adolescents can therefore not process information effectively and thus thinking ability is affected.

What are the implications of multiple concussions?

Multiple concussions may be detrimental to an individual. This is because the risks of successive concussions are more serious as they increase the risk of serious brain damage especially if an individual has not completely recovered from an initial concussion. Evidence has revealed that multiple concussions can cause permanent brain damage (CDC, 2017). This particular evidence has been observed on professional boxers, where there has often been a clear damage of brain in later life. Further, multiple concussions may lead to chronic memory and cognitive impairments to an individual, especially those participating in sports such as soccer.

Discuss one way to educate the public on the importance of preventing head injuries in a given population.

The best way to educate the public especially adolescents subgroup is to organize trainings, workshops and sessions to educate them on the importance of preventing head injuries. In such sessions, adolescents should be advised on the importance of playing by the rules in sports. Furthermore, they are enlightened on wearing appropriate equipment such as helmets properly so as to protect their brain. Moreover, adolescent are trained on how to examine playing fields to expose uneven areas or holes that may necessitate injuries to the brain. Adolescents are actively involved in sports and thus it is important to educate them through use of notes and brochures on how to practice good sportsmanship devoid of injuries. Above all, good coaching and parenting is critical in minimizing unnecessary aggression in the pitch that is likely result to injuries of the brain.

Discuss strategies the nursing profession may employ to address the need for prevention of head injuries.

The nursing profession can organize for talks in schools to help clear up many stressors that may result to brain injury and damage. Moreover, professionals can create awareness of premorbid history associated with certain individuals because head injuries may worsen existing symptoms. Furthermore, nursing professionals can organize for training on prevention of head injuries by coaching sport officials and thus enlighten them on the steps to put in place to prevent and recognize concussions while responding appropriately. Another strategy is to educate parents and young sportsmen and women on the importance of understanding the risks and thus recognizes signs and symptoms of concussions; this is a critical step in ensuring that both are enlightened on the importance of preventing occurrence of head injuries. It is important for nurses to recognize that adolescent patients may also experience head injuries while in health facilities. Therefore, nursing profession should put in places strategies to prevent falls such as-ensuring beds have alarms, ensuring dedicated care to people with head injuries. Also, it is important to engage staff in maintaining a culture that recognizes the need to prevent multiple concussions as a result of patients falling. Once appropriate strategies are put in place, adolescents participating in sports or those with initial cases of concussions can recognize the need to stay safe always.

Pose a discussion question for your peers related to this week’s topics.

Football has attracted more attention, how much should parents worry about concussion problems in hockey?


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